5 Male Sneaker Heads You Need To Follow On Instagram

Last week, we shared with you our favorite lady sneaker heads to follow on Instagram. Today, let's focus on the top five male sneaker heads you should absolutely check out! They are all pretty big on Instagram and for good reasons! They sneaker collections are amazing.

We too would love to have such a huge collection at home. Is a room full of our favorite sneakers and rare kicks too much to ask? I think not! Without further ado, let's dive into our selection of sneaker influencers you need to follow on Instagram!

1. Qias Omar

No need to introduce Qias Omar to anyone. He is one of the biggest name in the sneaker game! Based in the Bay Area, he has his own website as well as Youtube channel. Both are, you got it, fully dedicated to sneakers.

His channel is a mix of street style pictures, indoor photos, reels and other funny videos full on tips. Curious how you authenticate a pair of rare Travis Scotts? He's got a video just for that! Follow him if you want to stay current on the latest sneaker releases!


2. Kenny Gonzales

Kenny is one of the very first sneaker heads. In his own words, he single handedly changed the sneaker game forever. No wonder, when you look at his Instagram feed. Spirals, rounds and other sneaker compositions that we find mesmerizing and can't stop to look at.

He too has a full room dedicated solely to his sneaker collection. Wanna know how many kicks he owns? Come on, give a number. Whatever you'll think will still be so far from reality. 2400! That is how many pairs of sneakers he owns! That is a lot, even more than the number of days in a year!


3. Mayor

If you’re a sneaker head and you hear “Mayor,” you just know. That is how much of a legend he is in the sneaker game. He is known to amass an incredible compilation of sneakers in the last 3.5 decades. We can't even start to imagine how pairs that would make!

His Instagram feed is a mix of street style photos and indoor sneaker photos. Just like most of his fellow iconic sneaker head, he is based on the West Coast. Follow him to get a sneak peek into the latest sneaker releases. Something big is coming out soon? You can be sure he'll get his hands on it first!


4. Seth Fowler

Seth is an industrial designer with a thing for sneakers. So much so that he dedicated his Youtube channel to the craft! His channel is his main platform where he reviews sneakers, releases, sneaker sites, etc. It is a great source of news from the sneaker industry.

He is also very active on Instagram. His feed is a mix of street style and close up of sneakers. He has been working with some very big name within the industry. Some of his collaborations are actually quite surprising. Crocs x KFC, really?!


5. Jacques Slade

Last but not lease is Kustoo or Jacques Slade. He too is mostly active on Youtube, although gives a pretty good show on Instagram. We do enjoy his "Top 10" video series. Top 10 sneakers for 2021. Top 10 Nike sneakers for 2021. If you do enjoy unboxing videos, his channel is for you.

His Instagram feed mostly showcases his incredible collection of sneaker along with a focus on the latest releases. Which we would all love to get our hands on. Jacques talks about sneakers that we do not tend to see elsewhere, which helps, let's say, to broader our horizons.


Who is your favorite sneaker head? Do you know any of the above? Who do you follow on Instagram?


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