Gift Guide For Him

Last week, we gave you Holiday gift ideas for all the women in your life. Girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, you name it. Today, it is the boys' turn! Finding gifts is always difficult, like a very frustrating treasure hunt than never finishes. Finding a gift for a man is even harder! Good thing we are here to help you with this gift guide for him!

A Pair of Rare Sneakers

First in this gift guide for him! What we specialize in is after all rare sneakers. Thus, of course we had to include a pair of sneakers in this gift guide for him! But also because it may just be what he dreams of. At the end of the day, it is a sure way to make him happy. And brag about the latest sneaker release he is now proudly wearing!

gift guide for him rare sneakers

A Gunmetal Watch

Or a watch with any other plating for that matter. We just find gunmetal really beautiful on a watch. It is not that usual so he'd get to wear something quite different around his wrist. Now, finding a watch that he may like may be difficult. Leather and a square face are always a win!

adexe watch london

A Relaxing Facial

Third on this gift guide for him! Men enjoy taking care of themselves too. They are not immune to stress, bad skin or tension. Pretty sure men in your life would be very happy with a relaxing facial. Refreshed, with glowing skin and relaxed, they'd start the coming new year the right way!

relaxing facial infinity laser spa

A Bungy Jumping Voucher

Is he in need of a bit of adrenaline? Or maybe you are! Maybe you want to try out bungy jumping but do not dare do it on your own. Which is fine. We'd would not do it either. But having him on your side on the day? Yes, that would work! So really, it would be a gift for the both of you and an amazing experience too.

bungy jumping

A Windbreaker Jacket

Let's be honest a second now. When it comes to clothes, it is a bit of a cliche to say it, but it is somehow a bit true. Men will use up their clothes until they are rags and will not buy any replacement. It is a bit of a shame ( and sometimes frankly disgusting) but it makes for a very easy present! Does he need a new windbreaker jacket? Yes? easy peasy!

windbreaker jacket

A Projector

Does he like watching movies? Is he complaining that his laptop screen is way too small? And that he can't really watch anything? Does his room or flat has a large white wall that remains unused? I guess, you've got another gift idea for him just right there! Even they used to be really expensive, projectors have become much more affordable!


A Video Game

Moving forward with our Holiday gift guide for him is a video game. Classic. Provided that he has a console of course! Regardless which one he has, there are plenty of games out there! Our favorites? Super Smash Bross Brawl, Minecraft, legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Mario Kart. Isn't it super convenient when you can play too?

video games

A Poker Set

If he is into games, maybe a Poker set and board is the a great idea! Not only does it make a beautiful gift but it also make for amazing nights in with his friends. Poker nights are a thing and we recommend you learn your bluff because it is very fun!

poker game set

A Cocktail Mixing Set

Does he already have a poker set? Maybe you can complete the picture with a cocktail mixing set. Who does not like to play cards with a fancy cocktail in hand? Plus, he'd be able to bring about his newly found cocktail mixing abilities that you would also get to enjoy with some delicious drinks!

cocktail making set

A Pair Of Headphones

Last but not least in our Holiday gift guide for him is a pair of chunky headphones. Wireless ideally. Black, white, red, there are plenty of color possibilities! With amazing sound and noise cancelling too. Because no one wants to hear the rambling of the subway while listening to music!


So, have you found the perfect gift yet?