Super Simple Consignment™

Halftime Kickz Inc ® has been hard at work getting our company ready to accept consignment on high-end kickz just for you

Consignment built just for You.

Our consignment program has been created from the ground up, ensuring that all our vendors have full access to all the data they’ll ever need. As a consignment vendor, you’ll have access to commission reports, product analytics, marketing insights, easy to use listing tools, and much more.

Using our Super Simple Consignment™ Process.

We have simplified the process so that you can sell your product on Halftime Kickz in as little time as possible. We are working around the clock to ensure your account and products are approved and ready to be listed on our store front.


Start by heading to our registration page, filling out some details to get started.


Let us review your account information and details, set everything up and make sure you'll be ready.


After your account is approved, you will be ready to start listing products for review.

Yes, it's that


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Registering and listing products is 100% free. When your listed product sell on Halftime Kickz, we take a small 13% commission. That’s it. No extra hidden fees.

We take pride in offering the best in class handling procedures for all Halftime Kickz inventory, including yours! Everything that enters our warehouse is handled with care and properly managed to ensure accountability is accurate.

Honestly? Because it’s hard to sell sneakers, especially rare ones. Because there are so many fakes out there, customers like to buy from reputable facilities that ensure 100% authenticity, which Halftime Kickz offers.

No way! We handle all customer fulfillment, interaction, and service. Our modest commission fee includes everything, meaning you’ll be able to list your product and sit back waiting for that payout!

We do not, and never will. Our number one priority is ensuring all kickz listed on our website are 100% authentic and brand new. We will reject fakes and notify proper authorities. We also do not accept used product, any evidence of wear, and the product will be sent back.

If anything about our offering of consignment confuses you, or you have further questions, you can reach out to us through email at