Vendor Navigation

Consignment Dashboard

Access all the tools you'll need as a vendor operating consignment with Halftime Kickz.

Market Prices

When you need to check market prices to stay competitive, use this tool!

We will be integrating it on the website soon for ease of use, stay tuned!

Consignment Agreement

Review the consignment agreements whenever you have questions. Remember, you only need to sign it once!

Packing Instructions

We handle customer fulfillment, but you do need to send us the product so we can have it in our inventory ready to ship. So look over these instructions to ensure your product gets to us with no issues.

Consignment Terms

Along with the agreement, you may review the terms of use, covering how we operate and your rights as a vendor.


It's all on the dashboard, but here is a quick link to see how much you're earning.


Have a ton of product you're looking to import? We've made this process as simple as we can using .CSV files to gather your product details.

Send us en email at with the subject "HALFTIME-BULK:USERNAMEHERE

We will reply as soon as possible with a .CSV template with instructions.